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A way to make money

Did you know that there ways to earn money on the internet?

I will present you a way to earn money, just by clicking, viewing advertisements. Internet is a great opportunity for everybody to surf, make friends, shop, advertise and lot of  other things.


- Have you heard about Paid-to-Click (PTC) websites?


PTC sites are a way of advertising a bussines, product, service, etc.. The good

part is that PTC sites are payed and pay for advertising.


- Why do they do it?

Let’s say you have a website and you are planning on selling something.


- What do you need?

You need  a lot of visitors to your web site.


- How are you going to make sales if you have no real visitors?

It can take weeks, months or even longer to get a new website pushed up in the rankings in the better search engines (you know.. google, yahoo, search engines, stuff like that...). This is the point where many webmasters turn to Pay-to-Click programs. PTC advertising means having your advertisements(ads) placed on different search engines and/or directories, gathering clicks of unique visitors, and paying them set amount of money each time they click on your ad.


- What do you have to do?

All what you have to do is to click and view the advertisements shown on the site. For this you get paid usually with 1 cent per advertisement (view, click).

Paid-to-Click sites generally are paying from 0.5 cents upt to 2 cents, and are displaying 4 to 20+ advertisements per day, depending on your membership type.

Ex: 5 ads * 1 cent = 5 cents


- How can you earn more money?

There for are the referrals. Referrals are persons who signed up to these sites and get payed for clicking and viewing advertisements just like you.

Referrals can be:

- direct - those who sign  up through your link

- rented - from the site, referrals who signed up directly

If you have referrals, you will be paid for their clicks too, from 0.5 cents to 2 cents, depending on you membership type and the site policy.

Ex: assuming that you have 100 referrals and they have an average of 2 clicks per day, with 1 cent per click you will have

100*2 clicks*$0.01+ $0.04 cents (your clicks)= $2.04

$1.9 per day   57 per month   684 per year - only with 100 refs


You can earn more money by registering on several sites that are paying instantly and have a minimum payout of 2$.


1. register

2. get as many direct referrals as you can

3. rent referrals and increase your earnings

4. view your advertisements every day, so you can be credited for your referrals clicks

5. receive your payments via a payment processor like "Payza", - register for free*


*you must have attached a visa card to the payment processor, Get your FREE account with Payza


Start now and Register to this sites!





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